Sciences & Social Sciences

All of these departments are within the College of Arts & Sciences.

International Studies || Nevin Aiken

As a student, Dr. Nevin Aiken was captivated by a class on genocide. He now teaches similar subjects that sparked his interest as a student.

Aiken's interest in international relations and politics began as a student at the University of Western Ontario at London where he majored in International Relations with an emphasis in Peace and Conflict.

Political Science || Teena Gabrielson

Teena Gabrielson, Ph.D., is from Dassel, Minnesota. She received her undergraduate degree from Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota then went to California where she earned her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of California, Davis. After getting her Ph.D. she took her first job at Southwestern University a four year liberal arts college in Texas. She came to the University of Wyoming after her time at Southwestern University.

Psychology || Cynthia Hartung

Dr. Cynthia Hartung is an associate professor in the University of Wyoming psychology department. She conducts applied and community and laboratory research which is related to disruptive behavior disorders such as A.D.H.D. also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Zoology & Physiology || Jonathan Prather

Dr. Jonathan Prather reflected on his journey of recently completing15 years of undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral schooling as something that started out as being the "kid who wanted to know how things worked." "I was the kid that took radios apart," he chuckled. His passion for the sciences and especially applied scientific research only grew from childhood. Then the schooling began…